Coal Mining Coal Mining and Operations


1. Commodity : Thermal Steam Coal (Non-Coking) in Bulk
2. Country of Origin : Indonesia, Sumatra, Jambi
3. Annual Capacity : 1,500,000 Metric Tons for 2012 (On-target)
4. Quality : According to ASTM testing specification as below
5. Offering : FOB Mother Vessel Geared and Grabbed
6. Anchorage Port : Muara Sabak, Sumatra, Indonesia
7. Loading Rate : Min 7,000MT Per Day WWD SHINC

DescriptionOffered Limits
Gross Calorific Value (ADB)5,400 Kcal/kgBelow 5,200 Kcal/kg
Calorific Value As Received (GAR)3,650 3,550
Total Moisture (ARB) 38 pct approx. Above 41 pct approx.
Inherent Moisture (ADB)13 pct approx.17 pct approx.
Total Sulphur (ADB)0.15 pct Above 0.30 pct
Ash Content (ADB)6 pctAbove 8 pct
Volatile Matters (ADB)40 pct approx.-
Fixed Carbon (ADB)By difference-
HGI60 approx-
Size 0-50mm85 pct approx-
As coal is a mined natural element, figures are based upon actual and (+/- 5 pct) of inherent value

Coal is mined by PT Minemex in Indonesia and the mine is a fully owned subsidiary of Thriveni Earthmovers Pte Limited with Indonesia’s latest “IUP” from the federal government. All coal marketing will be handled by Thriveni Resomin Pte. Limited, Singapore, a wholly owned subsidiary of Thriveni Earhmovers Pte. Ltd. With a full involvement in Coal mining and operations in our owned mines, we can ensure absolute quality and consistency in our delivery and contracts. With years of experiences in mining operations worldwide, Thriveni Group guarantees the performance of our contracts and quality with utmost integrity.