We are an established global procurement hub dealing in Heavy Earthmoving Mining Machinery Parts, and Minerals trading with the motive of sustainable development.

We are a global union of industry experts, large exporters, and engineers who carry out all the developmental, innovation, trading and designing functions.




We offer reliable and excellent quality products to our customers worldwide.
Most importantly, we assist the businesses by ensuring regular
availability and modest operational expenditure.


Our Ethos


We ethically follow Integrity, Honesty and responsible governance while ensuring transparent engagement and customer satisfaction.


For us, the topmost priority has always been the quality of products we deliver. We believe, with great quality comes great success.


We esteem ESG as an integral part of the organization to build a sustainable future. As responsible traders, we carry out all our business practices resource-efficiently in a safe and healthy environment so that society can count on us.

Our Segments

Heavy Earth Moving Machinery is widely known as, “HEMM”. Whenever any part of a good quality machinery requires replacement, it needs spare parts of superior quality as well. To cater to the needs of the clients, our HEMM division is tailormade to identify the needs of the industry and provide support at a global scale as the procurement hub for HEMM parts and accessories.

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Pellets are a form of ground iron ore fines which are converted into balls of spherical shaped objects and are built for long hauls and acts as a vital raw material for the steel industry. Thriveni Resomin bridges the gap in sourcing of one industry’s end product which is pellet, to make it available for the global steel producing industry.

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We offer the metals and minerals which are used to help the world grow. Moreover, In the world of ore sourcing and supply, we aim to spearhead a more sustainable approach in building the future. Primarily, we deal with coal and iron ore. In addition to this, we are eagerly extending our scope into other ores as well.

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Our Clients

Our Strengths


We at Thriveni are proud to be the sustainability leaders walking hand in hand with our environment-friendly technologies, methods, protocols, and processes.

In-house R&D Wing

We have a world class R&D department, to develop innovative product solutions that are cost effective, sustainable & scalable.

Deep Domain Expertise

Our teams are proficient with in-depth knowledge and years of expertise in the field of HEMM parts and accessories, Mineral Trading, and other key aspects of the industry.